czwartek, 6 marca 2014

How to select install electric fence

      This post is dedicated to everyone who consider selecting the safest way to make a fence for horses or other animals. Such as many guides advices that first what you should think about is to choose an energizer also called charger or fencer, we think that most important case is the security of your animals and that is what you should consider first - products and its features and influence on your Horses safety.
       Course to build a proper electric fence you should begin by estimating its length and destination of the corresponding species of animals. Next thing is to research the market and find the best products for your animal. What we can find today if it is about the horses? There are many kind of material that the fence can be made of. But in our opinion the best is HDPE but we'll back to that later.

1. Traditional fence made from wood and using braid, wire or tape.
2. Fences with posts made from metal and  same as wooden fencing using additional lines which must be an electricity conductor.
3. PVC fencing posts + bars without electricity or addtional insulators as in other fences means additional costs as well.
4. HDPE fencing posts + rails with spirally embeded conductor in the rail which means that you just need to connect the fence to the energizer to have electricity in.

       Ok we have the products we know the prices and solutions, but what then? We think that next case you could take into consideration is the enviroment where you want to install the fence, and every advantages and disadvantages of the materials that fence is made of and how is that suitable for your place if it is about the maintenance and durability as the most important factors but the esthetical value can also be considered.

       Let's say that the weather conditions which have massive influence on the enviroment are likely United Kingdom. Strong wind and rains can make many issues with the fences such as corrosion if its about the metal fence, rotten (wood) etc.

       We belive that plastic fences are the best what you can get these days, but not every ones, because some of them are not strong and when some accidents happen it breakes and can create some serious danger for the horses with the sharp edges for example (PVC). That's why after over 20 years experience with the horses and doing the best for it safety we definitely recommend the HDPE fences which is completely unbreakable material. We provide the safest fences in the world which are also recommended by Animals Insurance Group in Sweden.

       Here are some advantages of the HDPE fences:

1. Flexible construction - smart fit design enables fence posts to be installed on uneven ground

2. Electrically Charged - Wire spirally embeded into the fence rails prevents chewing, cribbing and leaning 

3. Maintenance free - no painting ever required, won't rot like a wood, custom colour available

4. Internal electric connections - no exposed loose wires, insulator or electric connections

5. Easy to install - modular pieces assemble in minutes Nontoxic - all materials used in the fence are nontoxic to horses livestock and humans,

6. High impact - made from high density polymer, will not shatter, crack or splinter even at subzero temperatures 

7. Heavy resistant posts - made of self lubricating materials this combination means that ground movement and frost will have a minimal effect on posts,

8. Modular - available in heights up to 1,7m = 5,58 ft with 2,3 and 4 horizontal rail systems

9. Custom colours available


       So when you decided to get the fence like this it is an investment for the years, because you don't need to do anything with the fence maintenance apart from cleaning it sometimes to get back the new look. 

       Next important case is the visibility for the animals. The contact of the animal with tape or braid it suffers shock and associate it with a specific guide. The more visible guide the better it will be recognized by the animal. 

       Corrosion resistance - to prevent corrosion of copper must be covered with tin and steel should be galvanized. The quality of production associated with the number of plastic tubing and their distribution in the conductor, should increase resistance to mechanical shock and repeated often Expand / Collapse. Thanks to solution that equisafe provide you can eliminate this problem because stainless steel wire is spherically embedded into the rails under heat and all connections are made inside the posts. This provides the option of an electric fence to keep horses off the fence, without the danger of exposed wires or tensioning. 

       Insulators. When choosing a traditional wooden fence or PVC we have to find the right insulators. For each type of conductors or posts there are specialized insulators. May be round wood screw with metric thread to the posts of angle, with a long screw into wood studs for extra safety nets forest. Quality of insulators separates a very important role. It is not worth saving on insulators costs becaus their use may lead to malfunction of the electric fence, especially when using "strong" energizers. A good insulator should keep long-term characteristics and protect against exploring especially when using tape for fencing. Number of electric fence wire and the height of installation depends on the species of animal for which builds a fence. In the case of a fence made of HDPE Equisafe costs associated with the purchase of suitable insulators have also been eliminated by previously described using a spherical feathered conductor in the rails. Equisafe provides also electric fence using electric wire without the rails where the insulators are also not required because the posts are preparred to put the electric wire inside the posts so the costs are reduced with that good solution.

       How to properly maintain the fence? Fence lines can not outgrow grass or weeds, there is no way to contact between the branches or bushes, any such contact causes a decrease in the insulation. The area under the electric fence should be periodically mowed. This is important when the wire is low tothe ground, for example, to protect against wild boars bottom wire should be 25 cm above the ground, while protection against rabbits requires lead wire about 10 cm above the ground. Each enclosure must be check regularly.       

       Assembling instruction for rails system fence. Assembly of the Equisafe rail system fence is surprisingly easy. Sometimes when the ground is soft you don't even need to drill a hole for the posts you can just knock them in using a big hammer with the rubber end. Detailed assembling instruction can be found on our website in pdf format. The instalation of the fence is just to install the posts first then put the rails into them and connect the wires inside the posts. In pdf version you can find the pictures, dimensions and instruction of assembling sliding gates as well.