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Electric fencing the safest way

"I am confident this is the safest and most attractive fence on the market, no wire or tape to get tangled up in but most importantly, the safety for the horses. I have seen some of my colts kick the rails so hard that my heart almost stopped, then trot off sound like always. Let's not forget about the colt who got scared from a hunter and ran through two fence lines and walked away with not even a scratch. It is very easy to recommend this fence to anybody who is looking for the safest and best looking fence for their farm. Just simply the best. This fence will revolutionize the horse fencing business. Maintenance free, no nails, no painting, replacing broken boards... nothing! And looks great too! " Jimmy Takter, Trainer of the Year 1996 and 2000 electric fencing Equisafe

Unbreakable equine fencing

Why the Equisafe electric fencing solutions are the safest in the World? Here are some answers:

Flexible construction - smart fit design enables fence posts to be installed on uneven ground

Electrically Charged - Wire spirally embeded into the fence rails prevents chewing, cribbing and leaning 

Maintenance free - no painting ever required, won't rot like a wood, custom colour available Internal electric connections - no exposed loose wires, insulator or electric connections

Easy to install - modular pieces assemble in minutes Nontoxic - all materials used in the fence are nontoxic to horses livestock and humans,

High impact - made from high density polymer, will not shatter, crac or splinter even at subzero temperatures
Heavy resistant posts - made of self lubricating materials this combination means that ground movement and frost will have a minimal effect on posts,

Modular - available in heights up to 1,7m = 5,58 ft with 2,3 and 4 horizontal rail systems

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